Terms and conditions

1.- Quotes

Quotes are provided to the Client (or “You”) based on the material provided, the purpose of the translation and any other instructions provided. All quotes are issued in writing for acceptance by email. The accepted quote must be sent to us by email. Any request for an extension or modification to a quote that, at the discretion of Kilómetros & Millas (us), involves a considerable increase in working hours shall be subject to the issuance and acceptance of a new quote. The validity of a quote is five (5) calendar days.

2.- Purpose of the translation

The Client must use the translation exclusively for purposes permitted by law. The translation may only be used for informational and comprehension purposes and, therefore, it shall suffice if it is of sufficient quality for this purpose. If the Client wishes to use the translation for any other purpose, they must have our approval.

3.- Delivery of translations

The initial date of the project will be the day on which the Client confirms acceptance of the quote, provided that we have received all the original documentation at our headquarters or by email. These documents must be sent to us in one of the most common formats (.doc, .rtf, .txt). Delivery in any other format may result in the application of a surcharge. If, after receipt of the original documentation, the Client decides to make modifications and sends a new version, we will consider the new documentation as a new project and, as such, a new quote will be provided.

We do not assume any responsibility for delays derived from saturation of telephone lines or data transmission, failure of the Internet or the electrical network, of the server or due to any other cause that cannot be directly attributable to us or that is beyond our control.

4.- Payment terms

All our translations and other services are invoiced upon delivery to be paid within 15 to 30 days (as specified in the Quote or Invoice) from the date of the invoice. All payments shall be made without any deduction or compensation for bank charges. We accept payment by bank transfer to the account indicated in the corresponding invoice.

We reserve the right to charge late payment interest on overdue invoices at a current EURIBOR rate plus 8% of the unpaid balance. For the realisation of projects whose value exceeds € 1500.00, 50% of said amount must be paid at the time of the start of the project and the remaining 50% upon delivery.

In the event that you do not pay the price of our services within the period indicated in the Quote and / or the Invoice, we reserve the right to include your name and your company data in the Register of Unpaid Accepted Documents (RAI).

5.- Liability

We shall not be held responsible for any indirect or special damage or loss, nor for any loss suffered by the Client, whatever the nature, or for any claim that may be filed against them by any person or entity as a result of our translation services, regardless of the nature of the claim or the fact in dispute. In the event of any error or omission in the contracted work, we reserve the right to: (a) carry out the services once again to the full satisfaction of the Client; or (b) compensate the Client for the cost of the project up to a maximum amount equivalent to that quoted, provided that said amount has been settled in accordance with the aforementioned general conditions.

6.- Confidentiality

Both the work carried out and the information provided by the Client shall be considered confidential. We shall not reveal or disclose such information, without the prior consent of the Client, to anyone other than our authorised personnel or our subcontractors whose work requires such information. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply when the law requires us to disclose such information or when it is in, or enters, the public domain without us having disclosed it.

7.- Intellectual property and data protection

All Intellectual Property rights over the original text and its translation shall correspond to the Client. You hereby authorise us (both us and our subcontractors) to store and use the originals and their translations during the term of the contract for the sole purpose of providing translation services.

Both parties shall ensure they comply at all times with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights. We inform you that the personal data you provide us shall be subject to automated processing and included in our databases. You can exercise your right to access, amend, correct and delete your personal data by writing to Kilómetros & Millas (C/Sáenz Díez No. 38 bajo; 32003 Ourense; Spain).

8.- Applicable law and jurisdiction

The laws applicable to the Website shall be those of the Kingdom of Spain, in this sense, any controversy related to the content or use of the Websites shall be governed by the laws of Spain and in terms of jurisdiction and place, only the courts of the city of Ourense shall be competent to settle any type of claim. The language used will be Spanish.